just learned of gmail, google's new e-mail service that allows a 1 gig of storage! and tons of other stuff the others don't give, this from the MX community e-mail where i first learned of it, and apprently this news is over a week old!
Last week we reported the announcement of Google's new Gmail. As usual, Google has stirred things up. With one Gigabyte of storage and the ability to index and search your own mail, it's been very appealing to some. This week, reports include everything from Sean Palmer's luck at getting one of the first 1,000 accounts for testing (along with sereenshots), a trademark problem (in the Register), to the complaints of privacy groups (in CNET News), to Danny Sullivan's ideas about where this could all go. And the possible weakening of Microsoft's presumed desktop power. Read Danny's comments at ClickZ.com. Finally, in the Topix.net Weblog, read about the rumored 100,000 servers Google is running.

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