up and at 'em

well am recovering from the anxiety of being separated from my computer quite nicely, have set up an eMac at home and am all set up, e-mail, multiple browsers the works, i must admit it seems to be getting easier to set all this kind of stuff up too, whether it's apple's new os of my knowledge i dunno. anyway i spent all day yesterday tinkering with some digi prints, scanning etc, and made a couple of prints which despite them being printed on an epson 2100 i was not that impressed, still was it the scanning of my negs, the use of that fucked up program photoshop or a combination of errors? just hope i can keep the flow happening generally with all the stuff that just easin' right on at me really nicely at the moment. i can't remember the last time i had such a creative burst, it's awesome! it was good to get in there and get my hands dirty so to speak. the reasons why i'm not hapy with the results, well the shadow values in the prints spiked to quickly, and were too dense even after i 'dodged' them in the fucked up program photoshop, maybe this requires some work in that ever faithful app, Live Picture, now there's an application for the imaging professional!

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