Well I updated the site as I promised, fortunately I have my laptop back and TV on Saturday nights is pretty ho hum. Looking at the images from the recent update, the prices actually ranged from $2.99 to $5.99, which i think is bit steep in some ways for this store but I was impressed with the way the objects looked "wrapped in plastic" so to speak. Glad I made the effort to create and upload the pages last night, coz tonight there will not be the same vibe in our house. My private obsession, along with several million others is the TV show, Big Brother. Which starts tonight, Sunday. Already the Housemates are in the house, so I guess tonight's show won't be live. And the low down on the new housemates form one of several gossip sites out there is,
  • A 1 million dollar prize instead of $250000
  • Some housemates are related and one couple may be married.
  • one housemate is a single mum
  • One housemate is a father
  • One surfie
  • One fijian or Guy Sebastian look-a-like, fro and all
  • A couple of them are over 30...
  • One bird is named Afradiatie
  • One guy named Igor
  • Another is named Merlin
This time for some reason I am much more excited about it all and am waiting excitedly for it all to kick off. I will of course run my usual commentary from my site but may also use this page to spout off so to speak. Other places for BB goss, I like Behind Big brother, it has been an interesting source of info for the last couple of seasons and is where I got all the info above from this year. Another site that may be worth sniffing around is some street car mag of all things. Based in Queensland, they have a section devoted to BB, as it's based in Q'ld I'm sure that the news will be pretty current and up to date. Last year I got involved in a forum that was a total anarchic mosh pit. Strangely it seems to have disappeared completely, hardly surprising in some ways, the commentary on a certain obese contestant saddened me. (even if she didn't deserve to win)

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