Photography... Who uses it

Jumped on a pushbike today for a while, feeling the effects a bit now. However, as usual I took my digital camera along and the phone camera as well, noticed a couple of things caught my eye, but interest soon waned, blasted off a heap of shots inside our local Savers store, may try and post them on my site later today or in the next few days. This store collects 2nd hand clothing and resells it, as part of some charitable set up. On one wall was a heap of toys bagged up in small semi-connected groups and priced around the two dollar to four dollar mark, some of which were Barbie dolls and Action Man or GI Joe. Pretty fucking surreal seeing these 'bodies' bagged up and hanging on a wall. Anyway snapped a few without getting accosted by anyone then that was it really. When we grabbed a coffee later on we were given a 'Jaffa' with our coffee. It looked really clean and bright so I took a couple of shots with the mobile phone camera and may post them on my site as well.

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