Pressure cooker time?

Haven't been able to resist poking around any bb forums I can get my 2 cents worth in on, behind big brother probably going to shape up to be the one for this year. Dropped out from this crazy e-mail forum,(called big brother live in australia,) full of stiffs and dweebs, and top posters who just couldn't get their head around the idea that 'conversations' are real hard to follow when people post over the top of you! Anyway the volume was getting out of hand and the signal to noise ratio was way to low for my liking, how many times do you need to read lol, or rflmao, yes scintillating indeed. Plus, there were several battlers on that list who kept wearing their hearts on their sleeves, eeeewwww. Not my cup o' tea so I am out of there. Tonight Sunday is the first round of nominations for BB and if i wasn't so busy I'd be excited. "What am I so busy with on a weekend you ask?" Well glad you did, preparing for a seminar I am giving in just over a week, in Photoshop, trying to prepare for next weeks class at VU, in CMA, planning the big OS trip, then there is the interview next week, teaching V.E.T. photography at R.M.I.T no less! A good friend cut the advert for this job out of the paper for me and as a last minute thing I dashed off an application, over a month ago now. Late last week I got a phone call, "can you please come in for an interview?" So off I go on Tuesday next week for an interview for a job that I don't need! Now that's gotta be a first; in my life anyway! Teaching photography, was not anything I ever set out to do 17 years ago when I tentatively walked in the gates of what was then Brighton Technical School, to study something I had a vague interest in, fulltime study too no less. I was 25, I had been busy partying for the previous 6 years or so and ended up in what I thought was a dead end job(it was). It was a big step for me, and during those first tentative steps in the gates I nearly didn't follow though. I came this close to giving up before even starting, ( a common element of my life up to that point) now here I am 17 years later teaching it, photography, at a Post Secondary level, and also teaching Art/multimedia at a Tertiary level, who would have thought eh! This whole photography thing has blossomed into a whole bunch of positives for me. Some of the other not so tangible benefits from me following through on that decision in 1987 are, that I met my wife and have purchased a house, and am about to Jet off around the world for 6 weeks, who would have known? Of course it's not the photography directly as such, it was the teachers I worked with at both the post secondary level and the tertiary level that got me there, you know who are and to you all I owe a huge debt of gratitude, it has been a life changing experience and I only hope that I can continue the tradition of excellent teaching I have received and continue to share the knowledge gained and shared with all those who cross my path.

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