Back on PT as part of the final assault on the cashflow, before we jet off. Despite the fucking cold Melbourne weather I don't mind the journey in and out of town on the train. It gives you time, time to think, and time to look. Occasionally I pull out my little digital camera and try an make some images. Some of which work out OK. A couple things have happened over the last few months, one my wife bought a very small 4 maga-pixel camera, with pretty good image quality for a snap camera, two, my work purchased a 6 mega-pixel Canon 300d. Combined with the 50mm f1.8 lens makes an awesome camera for 35mm style shooting. So what this means is my old 2 mega-pixel camera, or is it a 4 mega-pixel I can not remember anymore, is now relegated to the job of web photos only. It's file size is more than adequate for this even on a medium level of compression. Now my 128mg flashcard holds 1499 images, this in turn means I can blast away from train windows and snap at anything that catches my eye. so hopefully today I'll upload these best of these for your viewing pleasure.

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