A few facts on our trip

Here's some facts and tidbits about our recent trip. We travelled through 9 airports and they are:-
  • Singapore
  • Frankfurt (3 times)
  • Heathrow (twice)
  • JFK in New York
  • Chicago
  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles
  • Melbourne (Tullamarine twice)
Of course we took lots of photos
  • Our Photography in digital form comes to over a Gigabyte.
  • Analogue film shot 14 rolls or 120
Our daily budget:-
  • One hundred Euros in Europe, often ample
  • One hundred Pounds a day in the U.K. again ample only because we stayed with friends and relatives
  • One hundred Dollars a day, in the US, just adequate, remember to add tax and and tips!
Photography shows visited
  • Robert Capa retrospective, Prague
  • Cartier Bresson, retrospective, Berlin
  • Bill Brandt retrospective, at the Victoria and Albert in London
  • A contemporary show at Photographers Gallery London
  • A sample of the collection of the archives from the V and A
  • A Graduate Show in London
  • Contemporary Chinese Photography show at the I.C.P in New York
  • A Gary Winnogrand show at Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco
    • As well as Ralp Eugene Meatyard Nicholas Nixon,and Richard Misrach, from storage at Fraenkel Gallery
  • A contemporary curated show at the SF Camera exhibition space
  • And collection of my favourite photographers, from the archives at the CCP in Arizona
    • Frederick Sommer
    • Lee Freidlander
    • Joe deal
    • Edward Weston
    • Gary Winnogrand

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