September Holidays day two

Well am really and truly on holidays now, finished my regular VU class, and have week off. So no classes no preparation just learning how weird it is to be a student again. I hope I don't give my teacher too much greif, I know in the past that having taught other teachers it has been a little bit of a pain. Still it's kinda cool answering rhetorical questions in a class room situation personally I hate it when students in my classes sit there unresponsive when trying to get the to participate in some sort of discussion.

Something else I'll be doing especially if this weather keeps up is making more images, this one is from the weekend but I hope you can feel the light and clouds the way I did. I love this view from our backyard! Today's class made me wish that I could take my students outside to work, sadly this is not the fate of classes involving multimedia and computers. The students were responsive to the idea though! However if this weather keeps up I'll be hard pressed to stay focused on my own studies.

Needless to say the list I wrote yesterday hasn't moved very far, prepared my lesson ok, and ressurected our old wok, still plenty of time to get cracking on the rest; famous last words though I guess. Still I'll be mighty friggin' impressed if this weather keeps up!

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