Contact - After 2 Years!

Processes, are a bit like riding a bike, somethings you just never forget. Now of course begins the long process of looking at each image and deciding if i made the right choice before pressing the shutter and then there is still the whole how do I print them to look their best issue.

proof-sheet #1 2006

This first proof sheet is of an area I've long been attracted to. One that I drive past 4 to 6 times a week. Friday the 24th of March just seemed like the right time to go there, so I did, and I'm glad I did. Plenty of chaos and texture, manmade, and natural fighting it out, so to speak. The next proof was from one of those little exploratrory drives that I used to do so often but these days rarely take, I had originally intended to shoot something else but the light wasn't the way I wanted it so I kept driving. I found some excellent locations that will expand my proposed 2007 show, and will revist around dusk to see what I can get as there was some great views of the city from a couple of the spots. The place is so desolate and yet to close to the city I'm really looking forward to shooting more there.

proof-sheet #2 2006

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