NY Times Technology Writer Gets Blog!

David Pogue has a Blog!

David Pogue, is a technology writer for the NY TImes, has written several Books on Computer Hardware and software, and seems to me to be a cool level headed guy.

From Wikipedia

David Pogue is a New York Times technology columnist, Emmy-winning tech correspondent for "CBS News Sunday Morning," tech guest for NPR's "Morning Edition," and author of several books on Macintosh-related topics including Macs for Dummies and Macworld Macintosh Secrets, later Macworld Mac and Power Mac Secrets, an enormous book on the Macintosh, circa 1993.
He has written a number of books in the "...For Dummies" series, and launched his own series of computer books called the "Missing Manual" series in 2000.
Pogue also wrote a 1993 techno-thriller, Hard Drive.

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