Arnold Newman Dies

Sad Sad News!

Arnold Newman, died earlier this month.

From Wikipedia.

Newman graduated high school in Miami Beach and attended the University of Miami studying painting and drawing with an introduction to ——Modernism. Unable to afford continuing after two years, he moved to Philadelphia, PA to work for a studio making 49-cent portraits. His time there taught the importance of interacting with his subjects and allowed him to developed his technique.

Newman returned to Florida in 1939 to manage a portrait studio in West Palm Beach. Three years later he opened his own business in Miami Beach. In 1946, Newman relocated to New York, opened Arnold Newman Studios and worked as a freelance photographer for Fortune, Life, and Newsweek.

How the hell did I miss this one?

Well anyway even though I am not much of a portrait photographer, I always remember with fondness being introduced to him and his importance within the history of photography

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