Swings & Roundabouts

Yesterday afternoon the light was again truly magic, so I headed off to buy more film and some other bits 'n bobs, from a store in North Melbourne Called Vanbars. It just happens to be very close to a the rail yards on the western edge of the city. There is a freeway overpass nearby, and creek as well. All the usual fodder for me and my camera. Alas, things just weren't quite firing for me, I shot a roll, but… Last week was a different story.

great location, great light,

Shooting or printing on Tuesdays will, over the coming weeks, be a bit of a ritual for me from now on, I hope. Last Tuesday for example was a beauty. This location is close to where I work on Tuesdays. After work on my way home,I decided to stop, actually I had decided the week before but was in a hurry to go somewhere else, anyway as I carry my film camera pretty much everywhere with me a habit picked up form digital I might add, I stopped on the way home last week. Well 3 or 4 rolls later and on one of those creative highs that make it all worth while, I arrive home. It was one of those days where everything just fell into place, the light, my mood, the subject matter, it was all there. So once the films are processed I'm sure I'll have a few good ones worthy of printing and exhibiting.

I now have 10 rolls waiting to be processed. At least the developer is made up now, and ready and waiting.

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