c.c.p arizona

spent a little while last night, downloading all the info i am going to need to view some top class prints from the history of photography at the ccp in arizona, haven't actually read them yet but when my wife and i went for a walk to the shops last night we had already thought of over a dozen photographers, here's a short list so far:-
  • Robert Adams
  • Minor White
  • Edward Weston
  • Brett Weston
  • Sally Mann
  • Harry Callaghan
  • Lee Freidlander
  • Ralph Gibson
  • Paul Strand
  • William Mortensen
  • Gary Winnogrand
  • Aaron Siskind
  • Wyn Bullock
meanwhile am trying also to dredge up information on other galleries worldwide that may have ineresting images that i might want to look at. not such an easy task. but ultimatley worth it in the end i suspect.

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