eating out

had brekky out this morning at our favourite local restaurant. huge it was. so huge i doubt i'll eat much again today,
  • 2 small hash browns,
  • 1 chicken and herb sausage,
  • 2 poached eggs,
  • 3 rashers of bacon
  • 2 halves of atomatoe and
  • 2 cups of coffee
mmmm! went for a long walk afterwards to counter the effects, so hopefully it'll all be a net gain of zero. the weather is shocking out there, and me thinks that melbourne is throwing one of it's tanties before the real bad weather kicks in so i'm expecting a couple more small bouts of good weather before we fly off to the northern summer. almost...almost got out in the darkroom and printed today! downloaded a couple of nifty apps last night, 'you control' and 'launchbar', both from versiontracker dot com. you control adds all this stuff to your finder window and allows quick and easy access to all sorts of info, time (in several places around the world if you want), files and folders on your hard drive, amounts of unread e-mail, news items that you may be interesteded in reading on and on. the other allows you to work with your computer without using the dock, just some shortcut keys to go anywhere on your hard drive, its freeware so i reckon i'll keep it, the other isn't and it's giong to cost me $75-120.00 australlian so i will need to think long and hard about it! coz it's a little ripper and could almost be worth it, just for the news aggregator alone.

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