evil browser?

doing some research for my tuesday class, at VUT, and happened across this link, http://toastytech.com/evil/index.html it breaks all the rules of web design and my most hated - backround music, but it's always good to see other follks who are passionate enough about their computers and os' to put a web page like this up! I have added a little button and a link to it on my own web site, on the most accessd page [sigh] the humour page[edit 06.03.17 now removed] while we are on it i notice a lot of folks link to the pictures on this part of my site which contributes to my download stats and could end up costing me, so if you like what you see over on that page please save it to your hard drive and use it some othe rway way than by linking to it, ta heaps : )