friday reflections

well things were running hot around here this week once I picked up the new laptop. to start with the bb e-mail list big brother live in australia on yahoo has just gone beserk. tons of noise to signal ratio though, hmmm need a rethink i think. all sorts of work is piling up here though, a whole heap of monochrome materials assignments from my photography students, have been handed in. currently sitting near my desk gathering dust so to speak guess i'll look at them soon! still need to do heaps to the school website add any necessary notices and maybe put some images up online from the recent camp in the otways, well not that recent but it is the only one we have each year. been thinking a bit about digital photography these days. one of our recent interviewees mentioned the idea that as good quality gold cds are no longer available people's images that are stored on the non gold cds will not last, as long as film anyway. so what does this mean? people stop using digital, invest in cms, content management systems, different hardware, i guess there must be some options out there. to be honest my little 2 meg camera images whilst there are plenty of them are not the kind of images i would consider precious enough to worry about their longevity. certainly as far as screen based work is concerned i can't even be sure all will see them the way i want them to be seen. some one recently expressed disappointment that i was considering abandoning analog all together, given that i have an online photography gallery 24/7. that can display images in all sorts of ways, randomly, in a linear manner, as post-modern nonlinear narrative, the possibilities are pretty exciting. plenty of food for thought there. i actually over the recent holidays put a series of images in a book that i am hoping to self publish very soon... along with a million other things i want to do!

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