monday not so blue

spent yesterday not in the darkroom as i had hoped, but outdoors with my trusty old mamiya c2. shot 4 rolls! now i've got to run to work and process the film. the whole experience was quite interesting i listened to one of my fave cds whilst i was shooting and it most definitely flavoured the whole experience. the rise and fall or is its crescendo of the music seemed to amplify the visual experience immensely, will this translate into some kind of meaningful image, time will tell (i hope to scan and upload later today), actually the whole day was one of those days where all seemed to be flowing nicely, creativity, organisation, the works. more later i'm off to process and hopefully scan. i also surprisingly managed to fill my nokia 7250 mobile phone camera, sat down and did some deleting, anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new usb cable.

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