the more things change the more they stay the same

i was right, it was pretty chaotic here today. as a kind of side bonus because i had no laptop i couldn't access my notes for the afternoon class, industrial photography so it was brief one and i don't think too many of the students were complaining either about the short class. no surprises there either. placed the school order for the 14 inch iBook today, sadly this looks like the one that was going to get past the wicket keepers the easiest so to speak. which means, while there will be a noticeable improvement in performance for me i am going to have to download my camera images a different way, probably with iPhoto, at least it'll have a built in burner and i'll be able to back up much easier. director will run better as well. sadly i predict a week wait still as it is already late in the week. stay tuned for an update on that one! one of the interesting things about teaching photography at this level, ie post high school, is that the students can be a little more demanding than in a high school enviroment. which can be a double edged sword sometimes, but generally i would argue that it is more positive than negative. as an example, after a class on different format cameras, then a session of setting up the darkrooms, i barely got a chance for a morning teabreak and my lunch break was shortened considerably also, still as i said at the beginning i was able to dismiss the class after lunch after only a short discussion and get on with the iBook purchase order and a software order. one might argue, who really needs a teabreak anyway, well if there's one thing i've learnt in my short teaching career, it's that 'pacing one's self' is the only way to make it through 40 weeks of teaching. all breaks included.

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