first couple of day back and things haven't changed all that much, (as if they would in two short weeks). still wondering how to keep the students as a whole occupied with the *ideas* behind an interactive art cd rom. it's interesting some students really grasp the ideas by the horns and others... well they just want to push buttons. personally i reckon i'm a bit of a hybrid in that area and am happy to push buttons but need to have a reason. i'm talking computer software here by the way folks. we have reached the midway point in the project and am starting to see some ideas develop, which is always encouraging. next week sees them bring in their ideas so far and me working one to one with them on their ideas. i will have my regular photography students tomorrow and or the rest of the week kind of looking forward to that. issues coming up this term, lenses, specialised film types, polaroid processes, a hankering back down with digital aka photoshop, etc etc. if i get my laptop in time for the classes on lenses, i am going to use some examples from my nokia mobile phone camera to demonstrate how 'distorted' a lens can be, and what these distortions look like. the big trip is around 8 weeks away now, am kind of starting to get a bit excited about it all, still haven't sighted the tickets yet, once we do well... no more thinking this is just a dream kinda' stuff. still researching exhibitions and galleries we can visit. funnily enough i think that the idea of seeing all that art that i have been reading about for so many years is what really excites me the most, plus the flying i just love getting in planes and moving around at high speed. the whole idea that you can be in a completely different culture within an hour of flying is something that many aussies, myself included, just can't quite get their heads around.

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