snap crackle pop

disaster strikes, my old trusty Ti g4 powerbook broke a hinge this morning, the bad news it's warranty has run out, the good news maybe i can convince my employer it'll be cheaper to buy a new one rather than fix the old? what this ultimately means is that as i have no access to purchase orders for either a repair or a replace i will have to wait over a week and a half to know where i stand, this in turn means these entries will drop off and then of course there is the return to wok around the same time, plus the impending overseas holiday oh boy! so with over 10 days to go on my mid term break i guess it's off to the analog darkroom i go? or maybe i'll got to work and use the machinery there to print (analog OR digital) during all this i am struggling STILL to get my phone to connect to my laptop i have the cable i have the driver, i now apparently need some more software to read it as iSync is not able to do this?

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