sunday morn reflections

last night, saturday night, went out for a friends birthday party at a funny bar/restaurant in st.kilda. had a good time and enjoyed the company immensely. this place is situated on the beach in st.kilda and i would imagine in summer it would rock. however we are in the early stages of autumn and it was one of those crisp fresh evenings not really suited to outdoor entertainment [the place had a huge plaza type area] so the place was really quite empty and one could have speculated about its financial viability. we did. we'll see. mean while today is surprisingly warm and sunny, this is indeed my favorite time to live in melbourne, pleasant warm days, crisp cool evenings, ah indeed how great it all is. update the front page of my site website as this page takes the place of the original frontpage in terms of regular entries and updates. took a while even though the css was all that i was jigging, i added two graphics and then used css to position the elements the way i wanted them, i even did a small sketch in to help with the css. the problem that took the longest to solve was the positioning of the main eye graphic, i wanted to overlap the large orange block of colour in the header, in the end i used negative margins to achieve this.