reading my last entry it would be easy to get confused as to where i was writing from. well i wrote it from work, and here i am at home making the last entry for this week, glad i set this all up as having to download and upload all sorts of different versions of my site would just confuse the hell out of me. which is the only way i can figure that i could work without my laptop, which by the way should be in my hot little hands by this time next week, and not a moment too soon. the shit hit the fan today as far as the weather is concerned here in melbourne town. sitting here at home heater on and still thinking about slipping into something a little more comfortable/warm, no cheeky my wife isn't home yet. 'bout time we had some rain though, god knows the garden needs it. the crazy weather even impacted on the classes at work this morning. i was late, along with 2 other staff members and a further 2 called in sick, great start for a our newest staff member, almost a trial by fire. given that hp took him under her wing the poor guy may have second thoughts about even working with us. hope not he seems pretty cool, unlike hp! got a stack of assignments sitting on my desk at work. all from the recently completed monochrome materials unit that i teach as part of the diploma of arts applied photography at pic. sure as hell NOT looking forward to marking all that! still it will be interesting to see how the students fare, they often come out with some surprising results. last year was a bit of a classic several students were convinced that there 11 zones in the zone system. as far as i'm concerned 0 is not a number and has no detail, so it don't count. it also kinda nice to see lots of different images printed up on a variety of papers. my favourite of which is forte. a wonderful warm and rich silver gelatin paper that despite it's lack of speed is a true gem in this day and age of dull old variable contrast papers.

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