two days in...

but who's counting? second day of the 1st term break and am enjoying myself immensely, processed and scanned yesterday but the scans are going to need to be tweaked substantially, new software, old lens, exposure perhaps a bit on the dense side? anyway got a couple of good ones and will consider making digital prints as well. of course my initial excitement was a little over abundant but out of 4 rolls i hope to get 2 or 3 prints and i think i'm doing well? recently re-discovered this site housing some of my images so made yet another update and added more info and details. linked in my sidebar of course, somewhere on this site, which by the way is a navigation nightmare, i thought i saw a link to a blog section. of course i can't seem to find it now, but this maybe part of the answer for what i've been looking for in terms of pictures and a blog, free. found it, now not sure what to do?

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