Now boarding.....

This will be my last entry from my trusty laptop for 6 weeks. In 10 hours we will be boarding a flight to Singapore, from where will continue on to Paris, via Frankfurt. It still feels a little surreal all round, but as I was packing my bag yesterday it all started to sink in. If it wasn't for all the "extra" house work this weekend I don't know how I would have coped at all. Let's not forget the iPod, it is still only 1/2 full and if I had time I would put our entire Cd collection onto it, I reckon I have about 85% of it on so far, which is 2495 songs, 9.36 GB. Getting them organised in a way that will make for quick easy listening pleasure is the next step, "smart playlists" seems to be the way to go. My entire library is listed on my website, but it's an XML file and I'm not sure how to tie it all in with html etc, next research project I guess. And of course this morning I am up early "again" partly because I am excited, partly because I am, a little *seedy*, and partly because I think I might just catch a glimpse of the actual aircraft that is whisking us off in 10 hours time! Hopefully I'll be able to get to an internet cafe every two or three days and keep up the writing at least, and maybe some folks will get personal e-mails from us too, stay tuned. Meanwhile, for your viewing pleasure, I have uploaded my last Melbourne shoot for some time, as I said in an earlier post, it's funny how you look at the places you are familiar with, with different eyes when you are leaving. On a low-brow note the fifth evictee from BB made a surprising political statement upon exiting the house which I'm sure put the whole production team in a spin, they certainly were at a loose end as to what to do, and kept cutting to the house and to ad breaks, poor old Gretski had real trouble maintaining any order in the crowd, there was shitloads of booing, great television, that control room must have gone off last night, woohoo you go pal stick it right up 'em!

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