Two Sleeps to go

To quote one of my favorite bands, TISM, "...what a week I've had". Marked all my VU students work and there was one HUGE surprise, and several outstanding pieces. Looking forward to next term when we tackle something a little closer to my heart. Several of the students at PIC are really shining at the moment as well. I am really pissed off that I'll miss the midyear folio presentations coming up in 2 weeks though. "Good luck guys!" This week also saw an old teacher of mine, who is now a CEO of his own small company, come to the school to talk about his product and it's relationship to Photoshop. He is an inspirational teacher and the lecture itself gave me food for thought on my own teaching practice. Thank you Ian we will organise to purchase a copy, or two, of your neat little idea real soon. There is nothing like the prospect of leaving your home town to "see it" through new eyes, to make an effort to visit places you've been meaning to see for years. These last few days this is how I've felt about my home town Melbourne. I've been living here since I was born, with a short stint overseas in my early high school years and I made an effort one day this week to head into town and wander around an "look" at the place I call home. Of course a camera accompanied me and I have added a few of the images to my site. The one thing that struck me most, after the beautiful light, was the amount of tourists around given that it is mid winter almost. The irony of me noticing "tourists" was not wasted either.

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