End of another week

It's Friday, we're off for a birthday party this weekend so I expect I'll have tons more photos soon to add to my new Nikon Gallery, like this one, perhaps. One of the things that annoys me about having a great new toy like this Nikon 5400 is that at the moment because winter is still with us and I often work late there isn't enough light to shoot. Played around with the closeup feature on this camera and again am suitably impressed, might add some images to my gallery next week. Got the iPod geared up for the big 6 hour drive this weekend, over 3 thousand songs on it now, apparently over 8 days worth of music. Have pretty much picked the eyes out of our CD collection and will now just add any new CDs we buy from here on in. Some interesting news this week, one of my peers, Nigel Clements, who runs,Photography short courses, has won an award in a local photography competition, onya Nige, well done. Been hanging around the dpreview.com forums lately,be interesting to see what transpires over there?

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