New image made with new digital camera

Just wanted to share with you all, a recent image made whilst out on location with the second year students. It's amazing what you see when you look. Which also drives home the saying the fortune favours the prepared. And one of my favourite aspects of image making with a camera is it's ability to usurp the truth, or is that reality. A well handled camera can distort what is presented in front in a way that defies description and this seems to me where my image making wants head. Just like Gary Winnogrand, I like to photograph things to see how they look photographed. Also the light at the moment is now turning into that awesome spring light that I love so much in Melbourne, combine this with great sunsets and lengthening dusk all makes for great image making. All I need now is more time to actually do it! On another note the images now sit on the page the way I want them to. Took a bit of stylesheet tinkering but I got it in the end.

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