Winter Light?

Spent the last two arvos working on location with the students, with a subject called Industrial Photography. Took them to a place that I have been visiting on and off for around 15 years or so. This time i used a digital camera and found the whole experience quite inspiring, partly because the light was just awesome as it often is this time of year, and partly because its nearly the end of the week I guess? Also walked home from the local Auto electrician as my car needs work done. Decided to listen to my iPod and make some images on the way. Again given the light a great move and I got a couple of good shots. This makes over 500 already! The experience got me wondering about a couple of things. 1. How does one organise one's self in terms of the earphone cables and neckstrap of the camera inn this situation? The two seem destined to get tangled up. Wearing a coat and hat didn't help either? 2. As I ran out of disk space on the way I had to switch to my second much smaller card. Which in a way influenced my image making decisions. I may now need to consider carry the iPod media reader as well as all the other digital gear I am already carrying! 3. Why does my Nikon Coolpix 5400's battery only manage to last for about 60-70 photos? 4. I shot more horizontal than I have for a long time?

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