Digital versus analog photography?

This morning has seen a flurry of activity, thanks to about.com and it's photography writer Peter Marshall, as well as my fab little news reader, NetNewsWire, I have found a ton of interesting things relating to photography, but I want to draw both my reader's attention to this article about digital photography, found on digitaljournalist.org. It touches on some issues that I alluded to in my own article on the digital v analog argument.

To my way of thinking this argument is simply not a valid one, analog is good and has its uses digital is good and has it's uses, both have their own cons as well as a raft of pros. While I see my own creative analog output slowed dramatically over the last 5 or so years, I still qam not in the forseeable future going to abandon it. Particularly in the area of *fine* black and white prints.

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