New book on Technology

On the flip-side to yesterdays early post, I am reading a book on Technology and Culture. 'Human built World', by Thomas P Hughes is the book, published by the University of Chicago Press. 2004 ISBN 022635936

It is early days yet, I skimmed the book whilst browsing in the book store in San Fran where I bought it and was suitably impressed by it's content, and so far have not been let down. It of course starts off trying to define technology and I am understand the authors dilemma about how to do this but really like his delving into Technology of the past, and the idea that the word only came into common use in the last 50 or so years. Of course there is one technology that I have been heavily involved in for the last 16, that rates a mention already, and another technology that I have been involved in for over 6 years that I suspect will feature heavily as well. Yes Photography and computers respectively

More as I get further into the book, quite easy considering that the term break is upon us.

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