New Tom Waits Album, due October 5

Just found out today that my all time favourite musical artist is going to release a new album in the next couple of weeks. Man oh man can't wait for that. Tom Waits is the artist in question, and the track I heard this morning on was classic Waits, rough crackling guitar, with those vocals that defy description!

I have been hanging out a bit for a new album as sadly I felt his last 2 album releases didn't quite cut the mustard even the art work was a poor copy of the previous ripper album Mule Variations.

My 3 favourite albums of his would be

  1. Swordfishtrombones
  2. Bone Machine
  3. Mule Variations
  4. Hear Attack and Vine
Ok OK that's four but when it comes down to it I would have lots of trouble picking between about 6 of the albums of his I own, ( I own 15 in total, not counting the handful of bootlegs of his I have acquired)

Some links to other Tom Waits sites

So stay posted for news on the new release of this upcoming album!

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