Nikon 5400 photos, from recent school trip

Recently on a trip away to the West coast of Victoria in a region known as the Otways, I shot this image. The weather was abysmal, it even snowed twice while we there. However I'm pretty impressed with the results taken with my digital camera.

I have been going to this area for over 20 years now. One waterfall in particular Stephensons Falls has been a favourite place of mine to visit. This waterfall has changed immensely since I first visited it in the late 80's I suspect I might even have enough images for a small show of images of it. Will need to poke around my archives to be sure.

What this means is that yet another little gallery will be a added to my growing Nikon photography gallery.

Recently got a mention on John Allsop's blog dog or higher, he has written a piece on the upcoming Web Essentials 04 conference. And yours truly gets a mention, hey hey, fame at last! Thanks John, love the CSS WYSIWYG software keep up the good work.

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