The nineteenth of September two thouand and four

Today is the day....... of my wife's birthday. Happy birthday you gorgeous lovely woman. Enjoy your new iBook.

On a completey different note, here is a nice abstract image made recently, simple, formal, almost zen-like. I have taken several other images recently that are similarliy zen-like, oh well a new series here, maybe I'll put it up on the other section of my site insead of the Nikon Gallery section?

For both my regular visitors, you should aware of the part of my site called '...as a log book stands to a journey'. This is a place where I have been trying to use the web as a on-line narrative publishing system. Where I take the images I make that 'feel' connected to me and each other and turn them into a low level interactive image sequence. Well up until recently, I was using a Kodak DC260 to shoot the images for this part of the site, recently there hasn't been that many updates, even with my new digital camera. Now, as I am growing more comfortable with the new camera I am able to start producing satisfactory images with it, images that lend themselves well to my somewhat intuitive/subconcious/surreal approach.

This is what I like about the WWW, and photography/art, it openly encourages that kind of approach. I can work fluidily, shoot many, many images and just as quickly have them online for many to see, and it seems they have been coming of late, so perhaps this is the germ of a bigger idea about to develop (no pun intended) and take on some more serious research?

I remember back in my Undergraduate days, I saw Video as a highly responsive and politically charged medium capable of producing powerful imagery. Of course broadcasting this imagery was somewhat limited to Art house cinemas and galleries, but the web, the web is to my mind a highly democratised environment that this may be an even more suitable place to make this kind of imagery accessible to all. these days I feel I am more suited to somewhat less politically charged ideas but none the less the idea that access to these images is made in an open and democratic way is what appeals to me.

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