Second week of the holidays

First day of second week of the holidays. Things are shaping up to be an active one. Planning at this point to make images today, as well as, make some bread, mix developer for my students tommorrow, try and find some books on the new software package I am trying to learn, read some more of the interesting book I'm reading.

Recently while reading over on dog or higher I learnt about possible future developments of the web and it's associated technologies. Google featured heavily in this article John speculated that they were in the process of producing a new browser, which he felt would be more than a browser, a kind of Über browser perhaps? One that enables all the current technologies to accessed through one interface, that has full support for ALL CSS from 1 through to 3, and many other things beside.

Is this a good thing? I'm not sure, there are some folks out there who are absolutely paranoid about the power that Google has. I can kind of see there point, I mean they have vast amounts of data in there databanks, as they trawl the world for links and text.They have no accountability to anyone, yet if you are involved in the process of website creation ignoring Google can be a dangerous thing?

Do we need another Micro$oft to hamper our online endeavours, because that's what the guy seems to be saying on his website? For me the jury is out on this one and I guess I need to talk to more folks.

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