September Holidays; day one...

The weather forcast for today is excellent, 23 degrees Celcius, just what the doctor ordered, pity I have a shitload of things to catch up on?

As I am on holidays, here is a list of things I'd hope to do over the break

  • Prepare lesson for tommorrow
  • Mow the lawns
  • Ressurect our old Wok
  • Take lots of photos, (applies any time really)
  • Practice the new software app I am trying to learn
  • Read more of my new book, 'Technology and Culture'
  • Hang out with my good friend Joff, (mental note, find cheap easy things for him and his family to do whilst in Melbourne)

Oh boy priorites eh, gota get onto them?

This morning, popped back and read some of my first entries on this blog! Oi what an experience. It seems all those months back I was confident on getting my 'Nokia' Gallery up and running well it still hasn't happened, I have the soft ware just have been brave enough to run Virtual PC to get it all happening?

Which leads me to yet another thought, Oi my mind wanders easily!

How would this, reading old/archived thoughts, impact on people's perception of themselves, particularly the young 'uns who are busy typing away out there? I mean a lot of contemporary art is about identity/memory, either individually or collectively, think about it, you write a blog entry on day X you revisit that blog entry 10 years later, or some one else finds it 10 years later. how weird it would be to realise how much you have changed, or how little you've changed?

This is all too much for this early in the morning!

Should I do a writing course of some sort? See off I wander again!

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