Time, how much do we really need?

My wife's birthday is approaching quickly, so is Christmas, the end of the term is today and, I am participating in an exhibition in a months time. The house needs lots of work done on it, from simple lawn moving to major renovation inside the house and shed.

This begs the question what is it that *I* do to relax? ( I am often racked with guilt as I watch TV or nap on the couch)

Well one way is by making images with my numerous cameras, make prints from said images, or post them to the web, depending of course on which camera I use to make them. I also read or watch movies, either on DVD or at the real cinema. You'd think that that would be more than enough?

Now I'm thinking of doing a writing course part time, Oi what sort of fool am I?

Now this week I I read on the web about a grass roots movement that is taking back family's time, but encouraging people to cut back on extra curricular activities, apparently a real problem in the US? and of course I can't remember the place where I read this and nothing in my history list in Safari is showing anything vaguely familiar? Ah well!

On another note I made some images of a sculpture on the weekend on the beach on the great ocean road, and they had a distinct feel about them that is reflected in a sculpture by a well known English Sculptor, and what should turn up in my inbox this morning but a link to the Met in New York where this same artist is exhibiting, spooky?

Art mimicking life or life mimicking art?

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