To Photograph or Not photograph?

Some photographic musing from one of my favourite photography books. The nature of photographs, by Stephen Shore, pub John Hopkins press, page 56

"Pictures exist on a mental level that maybe coincident with the depictive level - what the picture is showing - but does not mirror it The mental level elaborates, refines and embellishes our perceptions of the depictive level. The mental level of a photograph provides a framework for the mental image we construct of (and for) the picture.
While the mental level is separate from the depictive level, it is honed by formal decisions on that level: choice of vantage point (where exactly to take the picture from), frame (what exactly to include), time (when exactly to release the shutter), and focus, (what exactly to emphasize with plane of focus). Focus is the bridge between the mental and depictive levels: focus of the eye, focus of attention, focus of the mind. "

Yes wonderful words that all students and practitoners of photography could learn from. As I personally hover between continuing my fine art photographic print making and a more computer based/interactive approach to my creative output, these words are a reminder of the power of photographic images. Their ability to convince persuade and influence thoughts and feelings.

Sobering indeed

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