Mobile Phones, Art, or Photography?

Loooking back over my archives I talked about extending my my collection of Nokia Mobile phone images. I had it seemed, just purchased the USB cable to do this. Sadly I haven't followed through. The gallery is still fairly static, I've been using the camera, just not uploading. The reason of course is Nokia's lack of support for the Mac, which means I e-mail the images to my self at aboutfity or so cents each, then upload somewhere from there. I even went as far as to install Virtual PC on my machine, in an effort to cut costs and make the proces easier. This I have booted into once since installing so there goes that idea. However my contract on this particular phone runs out early next year. When it does I can then get a new phone, one with bluetooth perhaps, or one that supports the Mac, or even a different model Nokia (my model is the problem, a 7400, I think?). For those couple of folks who read what I write here I have long thought about doing something artistic with a Mobile Phone Camera. Places like Flickr are being used by people in ways that I thought would make for an interesting use of the medium. This was going to be my sticking point with my original idea, as far as mine went, "How to publish in a manner commensurate with the medium and idea?" No more worries about that then, plenty of folks are up and running with the idea. So early next year with a new camera in hand, I'm going to start the project in earnest. Hopefully; not famous last words?

Have my last Photoshop workshop for the year this weekend, a smaller than usual group, so far, as two folks have pulled out, this leaves two chaps who work for the Melbourne Police force! I am very very curious why members of the Police force are doing a workshop in Photoshop? Stay tuned on that one


doctor paradox said...

oh hey, thanks for the link!! :)

i am posting directly to Flickr from the phone, bypassing me (beloved) Mac altogether - are there any cell services in Aussieland that will allow you to do that? I hear folks in Europe also say it's very expensive to upload images from their camphones - in the States I pay $15USD/month for unlimited photo uploads. And I get my $15 worth every month, let me tell you. :)

I keep thinking there is something about the immediacy of that - snap a shot, post it to the web - that is so compelling. The camphone is like an instant remix tool - take a slice of your reality and publish it on the fly. Brilliant. I think there is something about the form factor itself, also - the way the camphone lies in the hand makes it easier to take shots from points of view that would be difficult or, at least, non-intuitive to snag from an analog or digital cam.

I think I would hang out on blogger more often if I could figure out a way to 'bookmark' or 'blogroll' people's blogs - there must be a way? What am i missing?


s2art said...

Barb,thanks forthe comment, I'm guessing that your phone is a "flip out" type yeah? Mine whilst not *that* easy to use from odd angles, certainly lends itself to the idea of grab and run so to speak. The small slices of daily life that can be caught make it all the more interesting too. Looking forward to more images of yours