As the year draws to an end.

Well this is it. Work has finished for the year, I now have to start knuckling down and getting ready for 2005, which I think is going to be even bigger than 2004 in many ways. I've started shooting images for my interactive idea/piece and am getting ready to write out lessons and notes for my students too. Several deliveries from Amazon are here too ready to be read, 'Pause & Effect, the art of interactive narrative', by Mark Meadows, and 'Experience Design' by Nathan Shedroff, are just two of the many books I hope to read over the next 6 weeks. Of course I am also pretty obsessive about flickr too. Having made a conscious decision to shoot at a lower than 8 x 10 print size this means I can upload straight form the camera with no manipulation photoshop if I so choose. The flip side being that I won't be able to ever print anything larger than about 4 x 6 inches. Which I happen to think is a perfect size for the books I have always wanted to make and will produce my first prototypes this year.

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