CMOS camera phones!

When will it end? This article hinting at CMOS chips in camera phones! from The Asia Times

"The company said it also plans to invest some 50 billion yen to build a new facility and introduce new machinery at the Kumamoto Technology Center for production of CMOS image sensors for camera phones"

As Sony appears to be upping the ante with camera phones by adding CMOS chips, the 'digital camera revolution' just keeps escalating. I personally don't want to see the complete removal of the crappy quality these cameras are capable of, but by the same token I can appreciate the way they the camera phones, impact on people's lives. Galleries of images made from this kind of phone have sprung up on the web and places like Flicker and I of course have one myself, will this sort of device contribute to the greater good in understanding who we are, or just add to the visual pollution we are bombarded with daily? FWIW I am not seeing a rise in enquires about my photoshop classes, our short course in photography at PIC, or our two year diploma course at the Photographic Imaging College.

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