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podSites - a slice of the web for your iPod: "

A few weeks back we published our CSS Guide as a 'podGuide', specially for reading on your iPod. And as mentioned elsewhere, the response was quite extraordinary.

In the wake of that, Russ Weakley, who we organized the Web Essentials conference with in September last year and I spent a fevered few days brainstorming and prototyping, and the result is podSites

Think of podSites as an equation

iPod Notes + podCasting = podSites

The site has detailed information on how to develop podSites, and how to publish them using podCasting. It also features a podSite directory where you can submit your own podSites, or download podsites published by others, and a very cool podSite emulator, that takes your content and shows you what it will look like on an iPod.

So get on over and start podSiting :-)


“ oh yeah, and a better year all round to all in 2005. Last year was not one of the best.”

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