Quotes on Truth and Photography?

Well whaddya know, looks what pops into my inbox from an e-mail list I'm on. Some very tasty quotes about what Photography is or isn't.

"The demise of the relative and analogical character of photographic shots and sound samples in favour of the absolute, digital character of the computer, following the synthesizer, is thus also the loss of the poetics of the ephemeral."
-- Paul Virilio, _Art and Fear_

"When the world, or reality, finds its artificial equivalent in the virtual, it becomes useless."
-- Jean Baudrillard, _Impossible Exchange_

"Don't you think the world's greatest game artist ought to be punished for the most effective deforming of reality?"
-- ~eXistenZ~, dir. David Cronenberg

"To have a regard for reality does not mean that what one does in fact is to pile up appearances. On the contrary, it means that one strips the appearances of all that is not essential, in order to get at the totality in its simplicity."
-- Andre Bazin, "In Defense of Rossellini"

From a C-theory article by Nicholas Rombes.

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