Awesome birthday present!

My belated birthday present saw us in a helicopter flying over Melbourne for 20 minutes. Almost immediately after taking off my battery ran out! Luckily I had a spare and continued to snap away for the remaining 15 minutes or so. The light was awesome and I managed to keep the camera shake to a minimum. I of course have loaded an edited down set on flickr, some of which required a slight levels or curves tweak and some sharpening in Photoshop as do all camera files.

The experience left me speechless for most of the flight, I was either too busy snapping or just soaking up the view! We flew from Southbank, East out toward East Melbourne, skimmed past the MCG, then down towards Brighton. From here we turned around and headed up towards the City via St.Kilda then out to the inner Western Suburbs, where we did a loop over Williamstown, then back along the river in to Southbank. Awesome is the only way I can describe it.

Here's Nik and I just about to take off, seconds later the battery went flat in my camera so I missed grabbing shots of the Eastern end of the CBD and the MCG, etc. None the less Nik, god bless her, managed to fish out my spare battery from my bag in the back and back in business we were.

Me and Nik inside a helicopter, over Melbourne

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