On a recent winter's day I retrurned to a point west of the CBD, on the western highway, to make an image of this well known grafitti. At work we have spent a couple of days reveiwing mid year folios. And as always I come away from these exeperiences refreshed and with my mind ticking over about all the possibilites of what photography is and what it offers. Intuition and surrealism is what's ticking over in my head these days. What has this to do wit the image below? Very little but my photostream at flickr has much potential for the expansion of the these ideas, as does the whole ide and approach to making images with a camera.

We will be heading back to Daylesford this weekend for the Daylesford Photobiennale and a seminar on Colour Management. So hopefully there'll be lots more images floating around here and on flickr than there has been in the last couple of months?

Obey grafitti, west of Melbourne Australia.

Image replaced due to bandwidth theft, by this person.


Anonymous said...

sucks i just wanted to use it as a desktop background...no disrespect but props for the OBEY art


s2art said...

here have this one then