condition - human?

The creative bursts just keep on keepin' on!


From some time spent in a retail store's VM studio, tiny bit of cropping and levels and sharpening in Photoshop, sadly; shot at 400 ISO, but hey you gotta take these opportunities when you can.

Spent a few hours in that place called the darkroom yesterday, fun it was indeed. Pretty pleased with the resulting print, am thinking that I may go back through my archives to get ready for a 20 year show in 2007, we'll see.

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bkpr said...

20 year show eh? *whistle*
Would be good to see how your work has evolved over such a long period of time, s2! Especially the transition from B+W to colour!! ;D

s2art said...

yeah me too, time changes one's perspective on all manner ot things regarding one's images, just hope I can the paper i want when the time comes?

ratty said...

hey, was that you on our voicemail? thanks for the tip on the levels...don't know what happened. it sounded ok in our test run that night. ah, well, practice makes perfect.