My current stats on Flickr

My current stats on Flickr

This many people have looked at my flickr photos!

What I find interesting is the ability to search and organise your photography and to allow others to search as well.

I'm glad that the sets link is second from the top as this is the driving reason behind my use of flickr.

I love that it's a live 24/7/365 online exhibition space.

I can organise my images in any way I see fit and re-organsie them as often as I want.

If people want t know more about me they can and from there I can link to several other pages or sites that help people build up an idea of who I am and what it is I do.

This weekend has seen me browsing my calender to add shots to eligible pools and tidy up my own searching by adding tags to my images. The first few months I was not clear on the power of these simple tools and now as my online portfolio is over 2000 images I really realise the importance of find the right photo quickly.

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