More thoughts on Tom Waits

As I said the other day I'm reading a collection of interviews of Tom Waits, here's a classic quote by him, about music and popular acceptance of previously ‘forbidden’ or distasteful music.

“ Jazz developed nylon socks, it was out by the pool eventually"

This comes from a section where there is an ‘overheard’ discussion between himself and Elvis Costello,“ Summit Talk: Eavesdropping on Elvis Costello and Tom Waits” profound funny and intriguing, love this one the most so far![Although the Playboy Interview is pretty funny and full of quotable gems too] I'm starting to get the impression that Tom Waits is a musician's musician, one though that is able to bridge the divide between popularity and art. Now I know why I have enjoyed him and his music for so long.

On that note I'm off to a music festival today, so who knows what gems I'll bring back, photographically and sonically?

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