Tom Waits

Currently reading “ The Tom Waits Reader. Innocent When You Dream”, Edited by Mac Montandon. It's a great read and I'm really enjoying being reminded about all of Tom Wait's music and prose. Much to my delight he lists several literary influences, that I too admire, Kerouac, Ginsberg, Bukowski, and Lenny Bruce, to name but a few. One influence that piqued my interest, is someone called Lord Buckley? It's also nice to know that I'm only missing two albums from his entire discography, Frank's Wild Years [on vinyl not CD] best stay out of the record shops today eh, and The Early Years Volume Two! With an entire chronological discography at my fingertips, I'll be able to set up a playlist on my iPod that will take me on an amazing journey.

Screen Grab of my Tom Waits iTunes album listing

Here is the article using my image on the Ikea Blog! Thanks to all at flickr - [ikea lovers] and positive fanatics.com, it's nice to know there are others out there who are as passionate about their work as myself.

And need to make another MAC, perhaps the classic wasn't enough of a current machine for you? Well here's a page where you can make just about any MAC you like.

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Anonymous said...

I have every single album on my computer, and I've burned two tom waits disks for my mp3 player in my truck. It's heaven putting all his post Heart Attack and Vine albums on random and just listen to be surprised... or if I put in the other CD, pre heart attack... that's how I've organized it.

s2art said...

nice way to organise them all, gave my chronological playlist a listening too the other day, lucky coz I was at home all day and could listen, still only got half way through though :O