Good Samaritan

the front of the magic ticket

I want to tell you a story

A story that is small yet significant, profound but simple.

To tell this story, I need to start at the beginning. It's mid-week, at the end of the fortnightly pay cycle. Generally my pay goes in late in the afternoon, sometimes early in the evening. This particular night I am on my way to the train station to catch a train to the "Last Supper", the final get together with the current bunch of second year students, who have just finished, their Diploma of Arts [Applied Photography]. When I got to the station the plan was to buy a ticket that I can re-use for 10 trips, useful for an irregular PT user like myself. They cost $29.90. I got to the station and tried to buy one of these tickets. I wasn't able to, the transaction was declined.It seems that my pay had yet to go in!

So here I am standing at the station, iPod blasting in my ears, staring off into the distance wondering where I could buy one close by - on credit. When a woman who was walking past stops and says something to me. Something I could not understand as my iPod was turned up quite loud. After quickly yanking out my earphones for my iPod, I heard the woman ask
"Do you need a ticket?"
"My ticket is still valid, you can have it if you like."
As if I'm going to refuse an offer like that. So I gladly took the ticket, and headed off to the party.

So thank you kind woman, you have proved to me once again that people are usually kind, and helpful.

the back of the magic ticket


ratty said...

neat! thanks for sharing that story.

s2art said...

thanks for reading and commenting :)