One of my favourite photography books

I bought this book in 2001. It is "The Nature of Photographs"by Stephen Shore.

According to my review on Amazon, "I stumbled across", it and and in the process gave it a rapturous review. Well now its worth $150.00, and that's US Dollars! I bought mine for the grand-sum of $18.00 Australian, in 2001, talk about investment very nice, and rightly so it's a great book and I pull it out every now and again and re-read it. Of course it doesn't refer to the huge revolution that digital/screen based photographic image-making has had on photography, but it's not meant to be a do all; and end all; kind of book, just a quiet gentle treatise on what photographic print can be or mean.

On holidays now for 6 weeks so postings here will frenetic or sporadic, depending on my mood. Also am planning on giving the Canon 350d a real test against my Nikon Coolpix 5400. Which in some ways is not a fair comparison, as they are 2 completely different cameras that allow the user to shoot in a particular way or not.

Photoshop tutorial blog Oi vey!

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Gary Freedman said...

The Nature of Photographs. I preferred the Cliff Notes version.

ratty said...

have a lovely holiday!